About me


It can be tough being on your own in business - making all the decisions and wondering if you are on the right track. Sometimes, you can get too close to the detail to see the bigger picture... and that's where I come in!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I brim with energy, ideas and enthusiasm for making a difference and I’m passionate about small businesses. 

As an experienced strategist who can use a variety of approaches to help small businesses realise their growth plans, there's lots of areas I  can focus on with you. 

That's why I want to know about you. In our first discovery session, I'll be asking you lots of questions that will get you thinking and help me to help you in the best way. 

Why Plan and Grow?

Back when I worked at Lloyds Banking Group, the highlight of any month was always the time I spent with small business owners - the passion for what they did, the level of commitment to doing it well and the absolute ability to shape their destiny never ceased to inspire me.

I always knew that in the future I wanted to use my expertise to support small businesses to grow.

Since launching Plan and Grow in 2017, I have found it really rewarding to see my clients secure finance or launch new propositions that I have supported them with.

If you want to see how we could work together to help your business, please get in touch.   

My background

I worked as a business strategist for the last 10 years of my career at Lloyds Bank with Marketing, Compliance and Sales Leadership roles in the previous decade. 

I am qualified through The Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Cambridge University Programme for Sustainability Leadership giving me an academic background alongside my experience. 

I have worked with around 1,000 businesses face to face, one to one and in workshops, during my time employed at Lloyds Bank and as a self employed consultant. 

I have a proven track record in strategic design and project management. I have always had a high energy approach, coupled with an ability to be creative and to build clear structure around ideas and plans, making me well placed to support you in your growth plans.