About Karen cook

My background

• With a proven track record in strategic design, project management and cultural change, I am a high energy creative thinker who is able to build clear structure around ideas and plans within a business

• I am qualified through The Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Cambridge University Programme for Sustainability Leadership

• I led a number of strategic initiatives with, and for business banking customers in a FTSE 5 Business (Lloyds Banking Group)

• With experience of creating and delivering a rolling programme of workshops for groups of small businesses nationwide, I have worked with around 1,000 businesses  

Plan and Grow

Back when I worked at Lloyds Banking Group, the highlight of any month was always the time I spent with small business owners - the passion for what they did, the level of commitment to doing it well and the absolute ability to shape their destiny never ceased to inspire me.

I knew that in the future I wanted to use my expertise to support small businesses, helping them to realise their growth plans and to make impactful changes in the right way. Plan and Grow gives me a way to do this and I have found it really rewarding to see my clients secure finance or launch new propositions that I have supported them with.

If you want to see how we could work together to help your business, please get in touch.