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I get it.....you want to earn an income from your business...of course you do...

But having a talent for providing what your customers want isn't a guarantee of financial success. 

Running a business is complex and the closer you are to the detail, the harder it is to be objective about what you are doing.

 I don't believe that there's a 5-step process that everyone can use to make £5k or £10k a month...or wouldn't everyone be doing it? 

But I do believe that some things really count:

🎯 Your products and services being structured in a way that make the absolute best sense to your ideal customer and that help you build a sustainable income stream (and honestly most people who work with me end up re-structuring their products and services in some way)

🎯 Putting out the right message, in the right way, at the right time....again, and again and again - consistent sustained effort counts!

🎯 Building the right audience - and no, that's not just ideal clients..... (there's other people you need in that mix for sustainable growth to happen)

🎯 A deep understanding of your ideal clients and how you help close the gap between what they do / have / achieve and what they WANT or NEED to do, have or achieve.

The thing is, it's different for every business - well certainly every business I've worked with.


Think about working with me as having a business partner with you at exactly the right time - helping you to see through the fog to make more informed decisions about the direction your business should take.


"If you’re looking for a highly skilled business strategist to contribute to your business vision, Karen is your woman " 

Lidia Drzewiecka, Owner, Visuable  


I act as a much-needed fresh pair of eyes, using my experience and qualifications to make sure you get in front of more of your ideal clients and do more business with them!

 I'm not afraid to 'get my hands dirty' either - my practical approach means you'll know exactly what you need and you can rely on me to do it with you if you need me to. 

Work with me

" If I could have only made one financial investment since starting a business this year, without any doubt, it would be the Business Partnering with Karen. 

She just gets it on all fronts – not least business insight, strategic awareness, and critical thinking. She Karen really goes above and beyond, delivering more than I was thinking I’d receive, and I’d have zero hesitation about working with her once more. As I get further down the line with growing my business, I will 100% be back to work with Karen again for guidance and partnering to take the business to the next level once more."

Adrienne Conlon, AC Business Solutions

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