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Starting a business often comes from a desire to do what you love, but having a talent for providing what your customers want isn't a guarantee of financial success.

Think about working with me as having a business partner with you at exactly the right time - helping you to see through the fog to make more informed decisions about the direction your business should take.

"If you’re looking for a highly skilled business strategist to contribute to your business vision, Karen is your woman " 

Lidia Drzewiecka, Owner, Visuable  

I act as a much needed fresh pair of eyes, using my experience and qualifications to make sure you get in front of more of your ideal clients and do more business with them! I'm not afraid to 'get my hands dirty' either and I'll work with you to actually make the right changes in your business. You can either walk away from our sessions with a plan or we can work together to deliver it!

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"I recently connected with Karen from Plan and Grow...and instantly loved her style. She’s fun, personable, professional and knows her stuff. More to the point, she’s passionate about what she does and cares that she delivers the goods...  I really enjoyed working together in such a clear and straightforward manner’

Faye Dicker, Freelance Mum

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